On an Island (Drive)

March 12, 2020- The last day my kids stepped off our property.
The last day my husband ran and errand or interacted with someone not through a screen!

The past month and a half has been full of change and adaptation for much of the world. However, our 6 pack was going to explore a new normal this spring anyhow. We moved in December to a home that had been vacant for several years. Meaning there was lots of work to be done- inside and out. We pushed through much of the indoor work early on (THANKFULLY!) so we could live comfortably before the lockdowns started. But spring was always going to be spent raking, raking and raking… and maybe identifying weeds vs desirable plants. But also time to explore the property and surroundings. The surroundings part is on hold, but the property exploration is in full swing over here. And with no travel plans in the future the kids have had extra time to plan out tree forts, climbing apparatus, bucket brigades, fire pits and bike paths. My evenings are filled with tick checks and laundry loads of mud caked clothing. But we are all enjoying the outdoor space. The weather hasn’t been super cooperative for boating just yet, the house over looks the Hudson River and we can launch from the property, but we are looking at a sunshiny weekend ahead.
We hope everyone is trying to make the best of their time at home too- even if that is more survival than progress.