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Kelsey with blue tongue
Kelsey with a blue tongue from PA Birch Beer

I’m an adventure loving mom of four.  We are living and learning in the Adirondacks.  We all like to read, hike, swim, homeschool, run, cook and eat- maybe someday we’ll have different interests but for now we enjoy going through life as a 6-pack!  We strive to practice ‘scruffy hospitality‘, if you aren’t familiar look it’s worth the quick read.  In the 12+ years my husband and I have lived together we’ve opened our doors to friends and family whenever they’ve needed a meal or a bed.  As an aspiring atheist this policy isn’t founded in a religious text.  Our open-door policy is driven by our desire to enjoy life with others,  help others when you can (pay it forward), and an ambition to enjoy the chaos of life as it comes.  I’m hoping to share our adventures in everyday life including the inevitable dirt,  squished loaves of bread, new recipes that flop AND the smiles, laughs, and routines that make it work for our crew.

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